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We talk to lots of people, and the common theme that we encounter is that too many Americans are unaware of basic financial concepts that affect them every day. That’s why at Tranont Life, we want to help teach America the money concepts that most people don’t learn about in school.

4 Steps to Financial Strength

We’ve put together a collection of simple and practical financial principles that can help you become stronger financially. These principles can be broken down into four steps.

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Rule of 72

Most people do not realize that compound interest can have a major impact on their financial lives.

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Another important financial concept that many people do not pay attention to is the impact of inflation. Inflation is one of the key factors that you must consider when planning for your financial future.

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Everyone who has ever received a paycheck is probably aware of taxes, but most people do not know that when you get taxed can have a huge impact on your financial goals.

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In years when stock markets have boomed, most Americans saw tremendous gains in their retirement or investment accounts. But more recently, Americans have seen first-hand that the element of risk can change their financial goals and plans for retirement.

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